Wednesday, January 5, 2011

T-shirt turned leggings Tutorial

Just like I promised, here's a tutorial to make your very own pair of recycled leggings. :)

1. Find a men's XXXL t-shirt in a color you like. These are kind of rare, but I've had good luck and found a gray one and a blue one. Just keep your eyes open and eventually you will find the perfect shirt.

2. Place your favorite pair of leggings on the shirt and trace (See dotted line in photo below). Don't forget to add a 1/4 in. seam! Line up the leg openings with the edge of the t-shirt and you won't have to hem them!

3. Cut out.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 until you have 4 pieces.

5. Lay 2 pieces on top of each other outsides facing in. Make sure they match up.

6. Sew along the straight edge.

7. Sew the other side until the part where it starts to curve in.

Confused? Look at this diagram:
  1. Match up the edges
  2. Sew the straight edge
  3. Sew the other side until it begins to curve in.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 for the other pieces. Now you should have 2 leg pieces ready to be sewed together!

9. Put the 2 leg pieces next to each other and sew the seams indicated in the second picture.

Sew red to red and blue to blue. This is the hardest part.

10. Hem the top (or just leave it, that's what I did) & enjoy!
P.S. This is my first sewing tutorial, please let me know how I did. :)


  1. Wow! Great job and very innovative!

  2. leggings look way easier than i thought! I might just have to make some too!

  3. Love'em! But your boots also caught my eye. Who makes them if you don't mind me asking?

  4. I saw this featured on 'a beautiful mess' blog! eeeepp!! what a fantastic idea!


  5. You did great! They look super super cute. :)

  6. So Great. I love this very easy to follow. nicely done.

  7. Fabulous! Some great thrifting going on on your blog too!! You've snagged some proper bargains!

  8. those look great! And you got put on A Beautiuful Mess' blog!

  9. this is such an amazing diy, i love it im going to so go and get some XL tshirts.
    found you via beautiful mess.


  10. Amazing! These look awesome! When I looked at the Project Restyle post on Elsie's blog I couldn't tell which part you'd restyled! That's a compliment because I couldn't tell these tights were handmade. they look fantastic :)

  11. What an amazing idea! I'm making some for sure..But I have a question..And it's kind of a weird one.. The shirt that you used...What was it made out of..Was it 100% cotton? Just curious. Thanks!


  12. wow, what a great idea!! those leggings look awesome.

  13. awesome awesome awesome! I would never image making leggings from a huge t-shirt. I was able to construct a kids t-shirt from some of my old ones but totally imaginative.
    Thanks for the tut!

  14. Looks like you got quite a bit of traffic from A Beautiful Mess. I arrived here through there too. Great tutorial. Super detailed instructions and extrememly easy to follow... Now to find an xxxl shirt!

  15. oh... its super cute..
    i think i wanna make one :))
    happy crafting

  16. Wow, great tutorial! Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to give it a try.

  17. You have way more talent than I!

  18. Wow, amazing job! If I had sewing skills I'd be hunting for some XXXL shirts ;)) Great tuturial.

  19. Genuis. I love it. I can't wait to make my own :) Just hope I can find a big ol' man shirt that looks okay as leggings. ;) Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial on these! Looking for a "Pin" button to pin this to Pinterest...


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