About Me

Hello! Thanks so much for reading my blog.
My name is Andrea, and I am a teenager from S. California. I started this blog a few years ago, and over the years it has developed into what it is now, a place where I blog about my hobbies, style, and life.
Pink and Brown Outfit
I learned to knit when I was 8, and at first it was a love-hate relationship. But you know what they say- practice makes perfect. I kept at it, producing item after item. Then I learned to crochet, and discovered amigurumi. I began to design my own crocheted stuffed toys, and started selling them to family and friends. I did this for 2 years, producing seasonal items and crocheting to my heart's desire. Then I realized that this was just taking to much of my time and it wasn't profitable. At this point, I had began to get into spinning and had ordered a spindle off etsy. When I received it, I realized that I should put together spinning kits that include everything you need for spinning: wool roving, a spindle, and instructions! And so, Sunniefairy Spinning Supplies was begun!
Top Whorl SpindleWhite Mouse Amigurumikits & roving 008 (1000 x 750)
I kept up with my spinning supplies store, and this here blog.  But then something happened.... I started high school. And all of a sudden, the blog fell to the wayside. (That was last year, 2010)

But I have some good news for you. I have learned how to manage my time better, and I'm back and blogging again. Now I'm interested in thrifting, my wardrobe, sewing, vintage, and design as well as my old hobbies, knitting, crocheting, and spinning. I recently opened another store, where I sell handmade jewelry and vintage items. It's called Hangin' Around.
Polaroid CameraVintage Floral BlouseFox Necklace
I love the hunt for vintage. I go to thrift stores and garage sales with my parents, and they are almost as passionate as I am. ;) When I find a vintage piece, I can't help but think about the previous owner. Who she was, what she did. What were her hobbies? Who were her friends? Did she have a family? I think imagining what the previous owner was like is just as fun as finding the item.

So please stick around and enjoy yourself. Feel free to contact me anytime at sunnie_fairy(at)yahoo(dot)com.

You can find me on: Flickr, Pinterest, Chictopia, and Lookbook. Also, please check out my other blog devoted to showcasing new, fresh talent on Etsy.

P.S. I have also recently gotten into blog design. If you are interested in having me whip up something special for your blog, please contact me at: sunnie_fairy(at)yahoo(dot)com for rates and more info.