Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Phat Fiber Box

This box put a grin on my face the moment I saw it! I think this is one of the many upsides to donating to phat fiber. You get your box really fast!
Without further ado, off to the PFA! (Phat Fiber Awards)

April Phat Fiber 006
Best of Show (Purple skein from and Most Cheerful (Yellow roving from

April Phat Fiber 018
Classiest (Green yarn from and Most Glamourous (Pink roving from

April Phat Fiber 016
Most WOW Factor (It's tiny! Stitch marker from

April Phat Fiber 013
Most Practical (Pink bag from - I received a ruddawg bag in my January box, too. They are great to use for the small things that normally get lost in your purse) and Softest (Mohair locks from

April Phat Fiber 012
Puffiest (Green roving from and the Prettiest Color (Pink roving from

April Phat Fiber 010
Best Packaging ("Tabby Cat" Roving from, Most Eco-Friendly (Green/Brown Organically Grown Cotton Yarn from, and Most Unusual- In a good way (Square Charm from

April Phat Fiber 008
Most Unique (Yellow, Green, and Purple Yarn from and Most Luxurious (Green Yarn from

April Phat Fiber 004
Craziest (Phat Fiber Button from This is totally getting pinned to my bag!) and Most Handy (Bag from

April Phat Fiber 002
Most likely to invoke feelings of joy (Soap from and Most Dazzling (Green Yarn from

April Phat Fiber 001
Most Colorful ("Hydra" Roving from and Most Generous (Bronze Green Roving from

What a great box, huh? I bet you wish you had got one. :]


  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your pictures and awards ☺

  2. Looks like you've been busy. I've not seen you for quite awhile on EC. Are you still there?

    Thanks so much for your sweet support during these past several months, I truly appreciate it.


  3. Thank you so much for the kind words (WOW!). I'm so excited to get my box. Hope it comes tomorrow!

    D'Lynn Designs

  4. Love the awards! and I'm happy to be Crowned 'most generous.'

    Hope mine comes tomorrow!


  5. Thank you for sharing! Gosh I have been away for a while!! They look so fun! Oh, I want to go back to spnning now. Love the packaging from There are so many things to learn from others.
    BTW I am doing a free giveaway for a knitting book (Weekend Knitting). Would love to count you in so do come and visit.

  6. Those colors and yarns look great!! So many different kinds!

  7. what a fantastic box ofdelights! what creations do you have in mind? xx


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