Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amigurumi Explosion!

I've been crocheting, and here's some new amigurumi! Tell me what you think of them!

Crocheted Graduation Hat
Graduation Hat

Crocheted Amigurumi Mushroom
Mushroom... should I add spots?
I just realized I've mentioned my mushroom before... Oh well!

Amigurumi Sheep
Another sheep... It's bigger than the first one I made!

Amigurumi Mermaid
Another mermaid... this one is my favorite!

Amigurumi Forune CookieCrocheted Fortune Cookies
Fortune cookies... I put scriptures instead of fortunes :]
I've mentioned my fortune cookies before, too...
but this time they have little slips of paper in them!


  1. I love the fact that you put scriptures in the fortune cookies!! :) ... I'm working on an amigurumi right now for a swap that was supposed to be for april lol... whoops... too busy to do anything! :( ...
    I loved your graduation cap too!! too cute!! :D You did a wonderful job! :D

  2. the graduation cap is fantastic and I love the fortune cookies! what great creations you have here.

  3. Yes, I love all of it! The stuff is so cute! I think you should add spots to the mushroom. Or you could make some with and without spots. 2 different mushrooms. I absolutly love the scriptures in the fourtune cookies. Are these going to be added to your etsy shop? I hope so! How in the world do you find so many different things to crochet?

  4. I still love the mushroom!

  5. Woah, you've done a lot! I definitely agree with adding spots to the mushroom. It is super cute, anyway!

  6. I LOVE the fortune cookie crochet! Is that your pattern? If so, definitely put it up on Ravelry!
    I'm doing another free giveaway on my blog. Today is the last day so if you have a chance do pop over :D
    I think the mushroom is really cute. I suppose you could add some felt dots on it but it is very cute as it is! You are very talented.

  7. Incredible job on all of these "critters", "edibles", etc. I love that you put scriptures in the fortune cookies -- for that is our fortune! Martha Kay

  8. Wow, I love the mermaid!

  9. Hermosos amigurumis¡¡

  10. hey girl loveeee your grad cap and i am sooooo ordering one of those sheep! do u make books too? :P haha ttys

  11. I love the mushroom!!! Is it your own design?

  12. I love the grad cap, is it a pattern sold anywhere?


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