Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey everyone! I felt like having a contest. :] Here' what you have to do. It's easy!
  1. Comment on this post with a suggestion as to what I could make into an amigurumi. Example: Make an amigurumi juice box! or... an amigurumi computer mouse! (But I want to hear YOUR ideas, not mine!)
  2. Leave some way to contact you.
And that's it! If I pick your suggestion, you win! And what do you win? Whatever you suggested! If you suggested I make a computer mouse, and you win, you get a crocheted computer mouse!
Last day to enter is June 15, the day I get out of school. YAY! Oh and only one entry per person.

Good luck!


Sack BoyTurtlePreemie Hats
I finished the sack boy! My cousin liked it. I'm making a turtle! Cute, huh? I made more preemie hats! Do you like them?


  1. I love your sackboy - that game is so awesome :)
    Great contest ideas too - how about a teacup? xo

  2. Love the cute monster hat with teeth...adorable. I need to get some more preemie and newborn hats made. Fingers haven't been playing with yarn of late. Must get back to it.

    I've been having fun with my travel blog, was a good diversion for me when mom was sick and in the hospital. Swing by any or all of the blogs, love to see ya


  3. oophs forgot my bout a coffee cup, I'm sipping and trying to wake up, as we speak.

  4. The turtle promises to be ca-ute!!
    I am officailly entering this contest. :) I'd like to see you make an ami of a zombie Teddy Bear. I've been feeling monsterous lately, lol.

  5. I like the sack boy and the turtle is coming out great. I think the preemie hats look cute especially the monster and orange(?). I have to ideas cause I couldn't pick just one, a microphone or ipod.

  6. Hey! Did you get the package I sent you yet? I think you should make a crocheted piece of 2 friends holding hands and then maybe in the middle it could say BFF. You have my address and email,so you have ways to contact me! :)

  7. Love the hats! How about the characters from the Nickelodeon Cartoon WoW WoW Wubzy?

  8. OMG SACKBOY! looks awesome!
    you should crochet a soup can!!! campbells style!


I'd love to hear what you think. :)