Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another beret + yarn + cupcake!

Yarn 1
I went yarn shopping and found these deals! The two skeins on top were 5o cents, the bottom skein a dollar.
Yarn 4
These were not a deal... $9 bucks a skein! But it's 100% wool, so soft and cozy. I'm planning on dyeing it.
Yarn 2
These were $3, and I bought them as an alternative to Wool Ease Thick n' Quick. This stuff is softer and cheaper!
Yarn 3
This yarn is so squishy! Love it. And it was a steal at a dollar a skein!
I made a cupcake! My business is ALMOST 1 year old!
I made another beret... This pattern is so cute and fast! <3
Oh, hop over to the phat fiber blog to participate in this fantastic giveaway!


  1. i love that green yarn!
    what kind is it? i use a ton of T&Q and the cost of it just seems to be going up :(

  2. Less than 3 what? Cute hat.

    Me again, popping in to check on all my team members.

    We've not had much in the way of visitations in the last couple of months, therefore I know most team members haven't been reading our blog. I need folks to read up, check in, leave a comment so I know you were there.



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