Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dyeing and More Spindles

Hand-dyed yarn 3
I dyed some yarn...
Wood Spindle
and made more spindles! (Both will be available in my etsy shop by Saturday.)


  1. Such a pretty color combination, the yellow peachy colors.

    Contacting all members from The Rav. Bridge Project.

    It's cold here in Central Ohio and the need to push for more donations, more helping hands is great. More people are living in the cold under the bridge.

    Asking those who've donated before to help again, those who joined but didn't donate to please get fingers busy with hook or needles. Asking all to help spread the word by posting about the group and it's need on their blogs, to post team badge to help spread the word.

    Will be closing the Rav. group that hasn't been active communications wise in a couple of weeks. Compiling a active list of members.

    Can we count on your helping hands? Please hop over to the blog and let me know. I'll add your blog to the list of team members.

    Many thanks

  2. Love your handmade spindle! The wood panel is so amazing.
    Do you kettle dye or paint your yarn? Lovely colours :D

  3. Beautiful wood pattern on that spindle!


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