Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

My number 1 wish this week is for more time! It seems like this week is just flying by...

Aren't these bracelets fabulous?

This tiny lace spindle is just so cute! And I bet it spins wicked fast. Yes, I just said "wicked fast."

I admire people who can embroider well... I'm not very good at it.

This wallet tutorial is pretty awesome. I'm going to make it out of a thrifted wool skirt for Project Restyle. I'm thinking I want to add a special pocket for my iPhone... should be easy to do, right?
Wallet tutorial

Hope you are having a great week. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Preparing for spring...

Whew! I haven't done a Thrifty Thursday post in quite a while!
Thrifty Thursday - Spring Dresses: Dress 2
Thrifty Thursday - Spring Dresses: Details 2
A couple of days ago I went to the thrift store and realized I only had 30 minutes until the store closed. So I decided to head to the dress section to find some pieces to restyle after quickly scanning the shoe section.
Thrifty Thursday - Spring Dresses: Dress 1
Thrifty Thursday - Spring Dresses: Details 1
I found both of these dresses for 1 dollar! They are perfect for spring, which is right around the corner. I probably won't do anything too fancy- just some hemming and taking in is all these beauties need.

P.S. Check out my guest post over at Jeanette the Jongleur!
P.P.S. Take a look-see at my cousin's blog: cmoRACEDRIVER. He's an aspiring race car driver and he recently volunteered at a local speedway. He has some awesome photos!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some doodling...

...from a month ago. Found these in my room and thought I'd share. :)
Outfit Doodle 1

Outfit Doodle 2