Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
I want to show you guys a scarf I made for my Aunt Gina (my mom's fraternal twin.)(BTW, I have a twin brother... Interesting, huh?) Here's the scarf:
My mom modeling the scarf
I knit the scarf up in 4 hours or so, it was a really quick knit. I used size 15 knitting needles and Wool-Ease Thick n' Quick yarn. It was a dream to knit. I also made a pair of fingerless, blue gloves using this pattern for my cousin Melanie. (Sorry, no picture!) I plan on making another pair for me in pink. I also made 2 Black Apple dolls for my second cousin Faith and cousin April. I used the pattern available on Martha (Have I ever mentioned I am officially in love with Emily's artwork? ) (Oh, in case you did not know, Emily is the creator of the Black Apple artwork and dolls... but most of you know that.)
Black Apple Dolls
I made a scarf for the blue one and a felt collar for the pink one. What do you think?
I don't want to seem greedy and make a list of all the things I got, but I just have to show you this:
Sketch by Candy Glending
It's the sketch on a lunch bag made by Candy Glending! Her work is superb... I just have to have one of her messenger bags! Take a look at this one: Click Here! Check out her etsy: Candied Fabrics

Using my Christmas money, I bought a bunch of goodies today:
Stuff I bought with Christmas money
...Including my first pair of bamboo needles! I have to say I LOVE them! I'm using them to make the pink gloves I mentioned earlier. Oh, and I got half-bead eyes! I'm excited to try them out, as I've been using acrylic paint on my amigurumis- until now! :] Have a great New Year!


  1. happy Xmas! Sounds like you had a fantastic day x

  2. Beautiful gifts you made and lovely things you bought. Jane x

  3. so nice merry christmas!

  4. I love the Black Apple dolls! They turned out great!

  5. Your scarf looks great!
    I really like the Christmas decor on your door, it's very nice!

    Happy New Year!!! :)

  6. Happy New Years. Man thats a fast fast scarf, must check out the pattern.


  7. A very happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and great new year. The scarf is really wonderful. 4 hours???!! that is incredible! ;D
    I love bamboo needles too. Look forward to your new year creations! Have a great weekend.


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