Monday, July 6, 2009

So I moved my spinning blog to over here...

So I joined my spinning blog to this blog. Meaning you will now see fiber-related posts! :]
I made a spinning wheel out of PVC pipe, an old bicycle rim, clay, string, and a knitting needle. It was easy, and it works decently! Here's a video of it spinning:

As you can see, it wobbles, and it's not as quiet as I'd like it to be, but I don't care!
It spins way faster then a drop spindle. I'm going to make another one, just to perfect the design. Then I want to make one with a treadle & bobbin/flyer.
PVC Pipe Spinning Wheel
So I want to start doing interviews of shop owners on etsy! :] Are there any questions you'd like me to ask? Or anyone who you think I should interview?
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  1. your spinning wheel is fantastic!

  2. wow...awesome contraption!

    interviews would be really interesting. :)

  3. There is no end to how clever you are. A bicycle wheel.........amazing. I've not tried my hand at spinning and with all the yarn I have in the basement, I best not...hubby might just go over the edge if he saw me making yarn, when I have such a huge stash.

    Been way to long since we've visited. Please swing by, I've been having fun with my travel blog too. I started it when Mom was so bad in the hospital...needed a diversion.


  4. You can fix the wobbling by truing your bicycle rim. :D Awesome


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