Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sorbet & Yarn

It's been really hot around where I live recently. Way too hot for March/April anyway.
So I decided to make some sorbet with the handy dandy ice cream maker that we use maybe once every month. I used this recipe except I used cherries instead of blueberries and didn't make the macarons. Macarons are still on my to-do list, though.
Anyway, it came out delicious and I'm going to make more today. :)

In other news, I added some handspun yarn to my shop! Check it out.

I'll leave you with some photos of my morning walk. :)
FluffyPurple Flowers
The picture on the left is my dog, Fluffy. We have 3 dogs, but the other 2 were further down the hill with my mom. Photos above were taken with Hipstamatic- I love that app!

P.S. Have you heard of Heartsy? You need to check it out! It's like groupon for Etsy, and today they are featuring dennisanderson!


  1. I was beginning to wonder where you went! :) The sorbet looks absolutely yummmmmy!

  2. So THAT'S where you've been! Making ice cream, yarn, and taking walks..Got it! Hope you're doing well!

  3. It's all so beautiful- the flowers, the dog, and the yarn. Homespun yarn is absolutely my favorite. I will most definitley have to check that out. That sorbet looks so yummy even with this cold weather up hear. I will have to look into making some for myself.

  4. I love all the pictures! The yarn is so cute!!
    p.s. check out the giveaway over at my blog here:

  5. lo-lo-LOVE that yarn. (and your blog :)


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