Monday, October 27, 2008

I love snail mail... :]

I got a package in the mail today. It had lots of cute little goodies. :] Thanks Squishy Cute Stuff!
Bailey the Autumn Bear
Bear PinCloth Pumpkin

The package came with a little pilgrim foam kit. I made the pilgrim with my little brother. We had a blast!
Pilgrim Foam Project

I also made this adorable little flower today. What do you think?
Crochet FlowerClose-up of Crochet Flower

It might end up as a prize for the giveaway, I'm still thinking about it. ;]

That leads us to the Giveaway section of this post! Here's the question: (If you are the first to answer it correctly, you get an entry into my giveaway!)

Update: Answered correctly by Elisha Copeland!

The word "crochet" is derived from what French word meaning hook?

What are you sitting there for? GO! Get the answer! The first person to answer correctly gets an entry in the giveaway! ;]

Okay, I've added another item to my giveaway! Betty Boop sandals! :]

Now there are 2 items in the "loot!"

So now the "loot" is a crocheted pumpkin, and sandals!
To learn how you can get more entries in my giveaway, click here.


  1. French is croche or croc :-)

    Sooo happy you enjoyed your package!

  2. oops...I guess I'm too late...oh well!!

    Your little bear is so cute!!!!

  3. croche or croc lol i love google hahah

  4. Packages in the mail are always fun :) looks like you got some wonderful goodies!

    and I'm liking the flower.

  5. The gifts are so cute! It's sure will make you happy and giggle! :)

  6. Lucky you! Those gifts are soooo cute! xo

  7. wow you got so many items!


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