Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I went to an art show over the weekend...

... and I didn't take very many pictures. *scolds self* bad blogger!
But, I did stumble across something that I just couldn't NOT take a picture of!
Messenger Bag made by Candy Glending
The bag above was made my Candy Glending! Isn't it just so, so, so cute?
I love it. She also makes all kinds of other stuff, like notebooks, totes, and scarves. Amazing.
I totally am planning on buying one of her messenger bags. I am in love. *sighs deeply*

After the art show, we went to the Pumpkin Patch. I did take pictures of that, luckily.

Flags at the Pumpkin PatchTractor Wheel at the Pumpkin Patch
Tractor at the Pumpkin Patch
Christmas Trees at the Pumpkin Patch
Wow. No pumpkins. well... the explanation is: all the pumpkins were ugly, and um... squishy. Yeah, we were a little late with the visit to the pumpkin patch. Oh well.
there were some pretty Christmas trees, though.

speaking of Christmas, I made a red scarf:

Red Scarf

okay, I just found this amazing fantastic blog that you probably already know about, but I just had, had, HAD to write about this. It's just mind boggling STUNNING!!!

The fantastic seamstress who made this work of art has a blog, here.
And for a chance to win this fab dress, here. (but hurry it ends Friday, Oct.24!!! HURRY!)
And doesn't her daughter look adorable?


  1. That really is a cute bag. I hope that you took one home with you!!! :)

  2. I couldn't have passed up one of those bags! I'll be attending an art/craft show coming up this weekend. Yipee!

  3. cute bag, indeed! :) i want a pumpkin. i just want it for its seeds though. :)

  4. I love that bag, and wow that is some dress!

  5. Great post! The bag is so cool!

  6. Nice bag! You also take nice photos - a hidden talent?
    Some people are just so good at dress making, aren't they? I wish I could sew like that dress! absolutely gorgeous!
    You are such a fast knitter. I can hardly finish any project in a week!! Lovely scarf. :D
    Hope you had a good weekend.

  7. Glad you liked the bag! Did you say hi? I was quite busy most of the time - which is a good thing!



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