Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunset- and I was tagged!

Don't you just love sunsets?

Sunset in October

I was tagged by Kyoko over at Cotton and Cloud!
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Fact 1: Today I am going to be a flower girl in a wedding with my cousin, Melanie. The dress is white with spaghetti straps and rust-colored stripes near the bottom.
Fact 2: I can make delicious blueberry muffins to die for. (Well, maybe not that good.)
Fact 3: My mattress is on the floor, on purpose... Not because I don't have a frame, because I do have a bed frame in the garage.
Fact 4: My room has bright yellow and pink stripes on the wall.
Fact 5: I have Disneyland passes...
Fact 6: I am scared of grasshoppers and crickets. It scares me when they jump because I never know where they will land.
Fact 7: I call my little brother "Grumpy Lumpy." :]

Here are the seven people I tag - please don't feel obligated!

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Megan Coyle
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Elisha Copeland
Laura Baillie


  1. Thanks for the tag! I'll take some photos tomorrow to go with my 7 random facts and post it then too! Hope you had lovely time at wedding :)

  2. What a sweet idea
    I dont think I know 7 bloggers yet!!

  3. That dress sounds really pretty.

  4. I love the swirly clouds in your photograph!

  5. hehe!! Love your 7 facts! Congratulations on your cousin's wedding. By the way I lllllooooovvvve blueberry muffins. If you have a recipe, please please blog about it! Hope you have a great week!

  6. i tagged you back lol, i didnt have anybody else to tag loser me hahah

  7. I have meant to ask you earlier, but I forgot. Are you on Ravelry ( It's a community for crocheters and knitters and I think it's really cool. I think you should join, so we could be like Ravelry friends =)

  8. Cool! I tried to search you but obviously I didn't tried hard enough. The people search said I could search via website too, but your blog address didn't gave me any results. But I'm glad you're on Ravelry already =)

  9. crickets scare me too.

    and thanks for the tag :)

  10. Beautiful sunset indeed. They are always pretty, and the range of colors is incredible.
    stop in for a visit

  11. toadette does rock.......i use her all the time hahahha


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