Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yummy Aromas...

So on Tuesday I tried to take a picture of everything I ate, but I failed.
Here's a list of the stuff that I ate but didn't take a picture of:
  • Ranch Style Corn Nuts
  • Poptart (Frosted Strawberry!)
  • Top Ramen Noodles (Lunch)
And I think that's it. Here's the pictures:

A mix of potatoes, chicken, and carrotsChocolate PancakeWhere are you, Pancake?Water

Well, water doesn't actually smell like anything, but I drank water so I had to include it. Water is actually my favorite drink. Kinda weird, huh?

I'll have some Halloween pictures posted sometime during the weekend,
so pop by again, won't you? :]

Okay, here's this weeks question. If you are the first to answer correctly, you get an entry into my giveaway!

Update: Elisha Copeland got it right!
That girl is like greased lightning! ;]

Name 5 crochet stitches!

I wonder if that is a hard question... Oh well. We'll see.
Learn more about my giveaway here.

Oh, and I added the flower I crocheted to the giveaway "loot." (I like that word. Loot.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

I love snail mail... :]

I got a package in the mail today. It had lots of cute little goodies. :] Thanks Squishy Cute Stuff!
Bailey the Autumn Bear
Bear PinCloth Pumpkin

The package came with a little pilgrim foam kit. I made the pilgrim with my little brother. We had a blast!
Pilgrim Foam Project

I also made this adorable little flower today. What do you think?
Crochet FlowerClose-up of Crochet Flower

It might end up as a prize for the giveaway, I'm still thinking about it. ;]

That leads us to the Giveaway section of this post! Here's the question: (If you are the first to answer it correctly, you get an entry into my giveaway!)

Update: Answered correctly by Elisha Copeland!

The word "crochet" is derived from what French word meaning hook?

What are you sitting there for? GO! Get the answer! The first person to answer correctly gets an entry in the giveaway! ;]

Okay, I've added another item to my giveaway! Betty Boop sandals! :]

Now there are 2 items in the "loot!"

So now the "loot" is a crocheted pumpkin, and sandals!
To learn how you can get more entries in my giveaway, click here.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

200th Post Giveaway!

UPDATE: Sandy won my giveaway on November 16, 2008 :]

Okay, so this is not my 200th post, it's actually number 191. I am going to reveal the winner of the giveaway on the 200th post. So what you need to do during those 9 posts is earn entries into the drawing. There are a variety of ways to that:
  • Earn 1 entry by commenting on this post. (easy!)
  • Earn 2 entries by following my blog. Just click "Follow this blog" in the right sidebar. (If you already following me, you already have 2 entries!)
  • Earn 2 entries by adding me to your blog roll. (Let me know if you add me, so I can give you the proper recognition! If you already have me in your blog roll, you have already earned 2 entries!)
  • Earn 3 entries by including my giveaway button (below) in your sidebar. (Please tell me if you put it in your sidebar so I can count your 3 entries.)

  • Now, the fun part! At the end of the next 9 posts, there will be a question. The first person to answer correctly will earn an entry! Fun, right?
Okay, as for what you will be winning, I am going to be adding an item to the package every post! The first item is one of my Crocheted Pumpkins! :]

Crocheted Pumpkin

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Okay, now for normal, boring stuff! I knitted my little cousin-to-be (due in February, just like his/her sister!) a brown sweater. What do you think?

Baby Sweater

Oh, and I won a giveaway over at Squishy Cute Stuff! That's what motivated me to get started on my giveaway. I'll write about my package when I get it! :]

enter into another grosgrain giveaway! her latest giveaway is just so practical! It's all reversible. brilliant. ENTER HERE by Oct. 29, 2008

Okay, stay tuned for the next post!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I went to an art show over the weekend...

... and I didn't take very many pictures. *scolds self* bad blogger!
But, I did stumble across something that I just couldn't NOT take a picture of!
Messenger Bag made by Candy Glending
The bag above was made my Candy Glending! Isn't it just so, so, so cute?
I love it. She also makes all kinds of other stuff, like notebooks, totes, and scarves. Amazing.
I totally am planning on buying one of her messenger bags. I am in love. *sighs deeply*

After the art show, we went to the Pumpkin Patch. I did take pictures of that, luckily.

Flags at the Pumpkin PatchTractor Wheel at the Pumpkin Patch
Tractor at the Pumpkin Patch
Christmas Trees at the Pumpkin Patch
Wow. No pumpkins. well... the explanation is: all the pumpkins were ugly, and um... squishy. Yeah, we were a little late with the visit to the pumpkin patch. Oh well.
there were some pretty Christmas trees, though.

speaking of Christmas, I made a red scarf:

Red Scarf

okay, I just found this amazing fantastic blog that you probably already know about, but I just had, had, HAD to write about this. It's just mind boggling STUNNING!!!

The fantastic seamstress who made this work of art has a blog, here.
And for a chance to win this fab dress, here. (but hurry it ends Friday, Oct.24!!! HURRY!)
And doesn't her daughter look adorable?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunset- and I was tagged!

Don't you just love sunsets?

Sunset in October

I was tagged by Kyoko over at Cotton and Cloud!
Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Fact 1: Today I am going to be a flower girl in a wedding with my cousin, Melanie. The dress is white with spaghetti straps and rust-colored stripes near the bottom.
Fact 2: I can make delicious blueberry muffins to die for. (Well, maybe not that good.)
Fact 3: My mattress is on the floor, on purpose... Not because I don't have a frame, because I do have a bed frame in the garage.
Fact 4: My room has bright yellow and pink stripes on the wall.
Fact 5: I have Disneyland passes...
Fact 6: I am scared of grasshoppers and crickets. It scares me when they jump because I never know where they will land.
Fact 7: I call my little brother "Grumpy Lumpy." :]

Here are the seven people I tag - please don't feel obligated!

Squishy Cute Stuff
Megan Coyle
Art and Soul
Elisha Copeland
Laura Baillie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some random stuff...

I took my camera in the backyard and took some pictures... Here's what I saw!

Summer's Over!
A poor pool noodle abandoned...

Some broken up cement...

Pool Vacuum
A pool vacuum... I like the color!

I have been making more pumpkins for friends and family, here is a picture of one:

Crocheted Pumpkin

I also got some Vanna's Choice yarn. Like the color? it's called "brick." I think it looks like rust.

Vanna's Choice Yarn: Brick

Sorry this post is so short, but the flu is making its rounds :(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I love autumn...

Haloween Amigurumi - Pumpkin Haloween Amigurumi - Candy CornHaloween Amigurumi - Black Cat

I've made a bunch of Haloween amigurumi! what do you think? the candy corn and pumpkin are my pattern, but the cat was made with Nimoe's pattern.

On the last day of our vacation, we went to the Discovery Science Center in L.A. (At least I think it's in L.A.... I didn't drive.) It was pretty cool, but I didn't get any photos- again. You can check out the Center's flickr group here.

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway for my 200th post (no, all of the posts were NOT about crafts ;] ) But I've never done one, so I was wondering if you have any ideas, tips, or whatever... :] I'd appreciate any help!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacation Day 2

Warning 50 Ft. Plunge Ahead!

It seems worse than it really is. You reach the top of the hill, head straight down, then in 2 seconds it's over.
I'm very tired, so that's all for now :]