Friday, January 23, 2009

A whole bunch of stuff...

Firstly, The yarn I made was only enough to make a long chain. I think I will frame it in a shadow box or something like that.
Chain Heart...
(It's not naturally a heart shape... I just put it that way in honor of Valentine's Day coming up.)

Secondly, my package from Natchwoolie came! It's so, so soft! It was really generous of her to give so much of this wonderful fiber away! It's 4 ounces of pure LOVE.
Natchwoolie Fiber

Thirdly, I bought and received a Phat Fiber box! I bought the "Just stitches" box, and there are so many generous samples in it! Take a look:
Phat Fiber January Box
The whole box!
Phat Fiber January Box- Samples!
Some samples (Click the photos, I included notes so you can see who made what.)
Phat Fiber January Box- More Samples!
Phat Fiber January Box- Even More Samples!
Phat Fiber January Box- Blooming FeltClose-up of some great yarn...


  1. I'd love to see what you're doing with the felted balls... a bracelet perhaps?

  2. WOW. I'm already tempted by PhatFibre, but that box is amazing!

  3. What an amazing phat fiber box yum:)Hugs Darcy


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