Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday + Outfits

As promised, here are some photos of my thrifting loot! I love finding things for such a good deal and I have a couple good thrift stores around here, so I try to go as often as I can. This time one of the thrift stores was having an awesome sale. White tags were 25% off, green tags 50% off, and blue tags 75% off! :) I have a lot of clothes that are second hand, so Thursdays will be reserved for thrifty finds (among other things, if I don't feel like talking about thrift stores, lol).
These blouses were all found at the same thrift store. I've already worn the blue one and it's really nice. I love it.

The crocheted shrug I found at the same thrift store as the shirts above, and I've already worn it. It reminds me of sweet old ladies. :)
The butter yellow cardigan actually has a bright pink, sequined palm tree applique that I will have to remove before wearing- it has this wow factor that stuns you for a second. Not good.
I never would have found the mustard shrug if it wasn't for my mom- she spotted it and knew I would like it. Thanks mom!

...and here's my pile of skirts. I have this thing for skirts. I just love them. I haven't been able to wear them recently because it's cold and rainy, and I don't have very many leggings or tights. I need to get some more of those asap. I'm going to have to hem about 80% of these skirts before I can wear them. Wish me luck. :/

I already have a pair of white keds, but these are whiter and fit me better so I snatched 'em up.

Be still my heart. These boots. They. ROCK.

Come back tomorrow! I will be posting photos of some outfits I've worn recently.


  1. Those ARE some great bargains! I can never find any good deals like that when I go. :\

  2. Those are some great finds. I'm just now getting into thrifting and I love it. I found a pair of cowboy boots that fit perfect!


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