Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well, it happened.

I let myself get away with not posting.
But let's not dwell on that, I'm posting now.
We went thrift store shopping on Wednesday, and I bought 2 men's XL t-shirts with the sole purpose of making leggings out of them. One of them turned out too small to do that, so I just turned that one into a smaller t-shirt using one of my favorites as a pattern.

It's been very cold, and it rained on Wednesday. Last night is was really, really windy.

I dyed wool for some kits I sold. I wish I had taken photos, but I always forget too.

Some jewelry-making supplies arrived at my doorstep today, so I will be making necklaces and listing them tomorrow. Maybe when I have my camera out I will remember to take pictures of the leggings and shirt I made.

Alright, I think I will go spin some yarn now. I will take pictures of it and show you tomorrow. :)
Happy New Years!

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