Thursday, August 14, 2008

On having a little brother

Today I thought I would write about my little brother. He's five- starting school soon! When he was about 3 he was in LOVE with finding nemo. honestly, I have memorized that movie.
I love the part where marlin is trying to say a joke in front of the other parents

"You know, it's a common misconception, clown fish are no funnier than any other fish."-Marlin
"Fish are friends, not food!" -Bruce

This morning my mom made sausages and scrambled eggs for breakfast. As she was dishing out my little brother's food, he says, "only one rib, please." (he meant 1 sausage.)

he also calls the crust on bread "skin."


White Mouse Amigurumi
here's a project I finished this morning- white lab mouse! here's the pattern:

White Mouse Amigurumi
Here's the front of the mouse, I think the pink part of the left ear is bigger.

Pink Turtle Amigurumi
and slowly, here comes the turtle! pink top shell, purple under shell.
here's the pattern:

Pink Turtle Amigurumi

Intarsia knitting sampler: it says milk. I don't know why I chose the word milk. Weird, huh?
Intarsia Knitting: MILKIntarsia Knitting: DIRTYIntarsia Knitting: CLEAN
the yellow and red ones say dirty and clean. They are for a sign my mom is making for the dishwasher.

until later!


  1. i still want a cellphone case haha!!

  2. cute animals! :D also your little bro sounds ultra-cute! :D

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  4. Hi!! Thanks so much for the comment!!!! I think your art is adorable!!!!! That turtle is REALLY cute (I love turtles)!!!!

  5. Cute turtle and mouse, well done on the intarsia knitting. Jane


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