Monday, November 10, 2008

Do Turkeys Gobble?

I don't really know... Do turkeys gobble or cluck? or are those chickens? ;]

Anyway, I made an amigurumi turkey from this pattern. It was fun to make, but the tail is kind of tedious. You're increasing for what seems like forever. Anyway, that's not important, what's important is that I'm giving it away for you to enjoy! If you win my giveaway, that is. I'm going to reveal the winner on Sunday, but I still have 2 more posts to go, which means two more opportunities to get an extra entry! Learn how you can get even more entries here.

You can win this:

Turkey Amigurumi


The giveaway "loot" so far...

While I was taking that shot, my kittens were messing with the scarf:

The white one's name is Woo, the grey and white is named Pig (don't ask), and the black one is named Speedo. :]

This post's question is more like a poll. Answer the poll, and you get an entry into my giveaway!

Which do you prefer: Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?

More Grosgrain giveaways! She's like a sewing guru! :]
This time it's for two different giveaways, for a gift card and another for a Bo Peep and sheep costume.

Oh, and to you Blythe owners, what advice do you have to someone who wants to buy one? (Yeah, I'm thinking about buying one.)


  1. very cute! i prefer pumpkin!

  2. Oh my! The turkey is so cute!

    I love Apple pie! I don't think I have ever had pumpkin pie though. We don't really have it in England but I'd really like to try it xo

  3. It has to be apple pie all the way! With a small dollop of ice cream mmmmmm
    Love the turkey, he would make a great christmas tree decoration (I'm a veggie!) so he would be safe at my house :)

  4. both im not picky ;D lol. i prefer home made apple pie though. ur kitties are so cute!!!!

  5. Apple pie...definitely!!!

  6. apple pie is fantastic.

    and that turkey is adorable. i can almost hear him gobbling.

  7. They're both so good - pumpkin pie if it's made really well.

  8. IDK which one I like better, I just like both of them!!!!


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