Friday, November 7, 2008

The Revamping of a Pedal Go-Kart

Yes, well... The title says it all... I took apart a pedal go-kart, cleaned, greased, and painted it in the hopes that it would work better. It looks better and the pedals work smoother, but the tires have holes in them so even though everything else works now, the tires are flat, which means that it is very hard to pedal. Looks like I have to buy new tires, huh? The good thing is that it only took me 2 hours to do this whole thing, so not much time was wasted. But enough talk, see for yourself.

Before: Pedal Go Kart
The "Before" Shot

Before: Close-up of TireA work in progress
In the Process...

After- Pedal Go Kart

Wheel of Pedal Go KartClose-up of TireMade in ChinaThe "New" Seat

My twin brother and cousin didn't cover anything when they spray painted the go-kart. I know, aren't they smart? *rolls eyes*

Now for the giveaway part of this post!
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This post's question is:

Update: April got it right!
Who is Elizabeth Zimmerman and what is she known for?

Kind of a tough question, but one of you will pull through with the answer.

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Close-up Lilac ScarfLilac Crochet Scarf

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  1. Elizabeth Zimmerman is a knitter and she's known for revolutionizing the modern practice of knitting through her books & instructional series on American public television.

  2. ugh...i am always too late to answer. i hope i still have a chance at winning!!!

  3. wow. the go cart looks SO FUN! :)

  4. the go cart looks pretty awesome

  5. The go cart looks so much better! Great work!

  6. oh wow!!! Love the paint job!! Maybe some tassels on the handles?? ;)


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