Monday, November 3, 2008

I am so forgetful...

We went trick or treating, and I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my camera.
No spooky Halloween pictures for this post! But here's some pictures of our Autumn decorations.

Pomegranates, yummy! :]

Door Hanging: AutumnScarecrow by the Door
Autumn Decorations

Last year we started this tradition (is it a tradition if you started it last year?) of making construction-paper leaves and writing on them what we are thankful for. When we got out the seasonal decorations, there were our leaves. It was really cool to see what we had written.

Construction-Paper LeavesConstruction-Paper Leaves

We always hold the Thanksgiving meal at our house, and this year I think I will give a go at making an apple pie from scratch instead of buying one from Marie Calendar's. Do you have any experience baking pies? (I might have to make this little whim into a challenge with my aunt. She's been doing a lot of baking, but I don't think she's baked a pie...)

My uncle got a Wii Fit! Awesome. I have a Wii, but not a Wii Fit. It's really cool! When you step on it, it'll say in this high voice, "Measuring... Measuring... Measuring... All done!" It's a good workout. My favorite "game" is the Basic Step Aerobics exercise. It's like a step class, but funner :]

As always, Kathleen from Grosgrain is having another fantastic giveaway. *sigh* her giveaway makes mine look lame. ;] Just look at her latest, the Tree Frog Costume.

Okay! For this post's question, I decided to make it not related to any kind of craft. (That I know of!)
Update: Brook got it right!
What is the blue item in the photo below?

Hmm... What is it?

Okay, I have added some handmade paper to the giveaway prize! So far, you will get 4 items if you win: a crocheted pumpkin, Betty Boop sandals, a crocheted flower, and handmade paper.

Speaking of giveaway, you can learn more about it here.

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  1. What are those thingies in the first picture? I can't remember what they are called :D

  2. Love pomegranates!! They're so tangy!! ;)

  3. Those decorations were cute.
    What was your costume to trick or treat?

  4. The tree frog costume is so cute! Thanks for the link!

  5. Haha. It seems that I'm bling. It says clearly under the picture that they are pomegranates. Or you edited that later :P

  6. It is a wonderful idea to write nice things on pieces of papers! Lovely idea :D
    (I thought it was a comb too but i am too late!)

  7. I was going to say it might be a slinky but yes I think the others were right with comb. Nice decorations!

  8. it's a comb! i tried posting a comment a while ago but it wouldnt let me................anyways! lol, it' a comb.....and yeah thank you for your comments i always look forward to them they really make me feel good! you better hurry up with that id # im ready to race! lol (no hurries just makin jokes)

  9. What a wonderful tradition to capture what you are thankful for from year to year. We may have to start that at my house this year!


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