Friday, February 25, 2011

Pictures from the trip to the beach

When we got to the beach on Friday night, it was pouring down rain. It rained on-and-off all weekend, but there were spots of sunshine, so we took advantage of the opportunities by hanging out on the shore and walking down to the pier

Casual Beach Outfit
This is the outfit I wore on Saturday.

Beach: Feather

Beach: Sail boats

Beach: My sandals

Beach: Orange flowers

Beach: Palm trees

Beach: Lifeguard towers

Beach: Bikes

Beach: The pier
The lovely pier!

Beach: Details on the pier

Beach: The shore from the pier

Beach: Me and my mom
Me and my mom. :) She was feeling kind of sick that day, thus the big jacket.

Beach: Me in the reflection

Beach: Tsunami warning

Beach: Me and my little brother
Me and my brother... he didn't want to take the picture, can you tell?

Whew! That was a lot of photos. Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm so jealous of that weather!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like so much fun!!

  3. you are so lucky you don't live where I live. wanna trade? ;)

  4. Is that Santa Barbara? I've been to SB and it looks very similar!

  5. Great pics Ms. A! Dont like the tsunami hazard zone.. I have reoccurring dreams of tsunamis..sooo not a fan...
    Is this San Diego?

  6. Andrea,
    you're such a sweet girl.
    I love your outfits,
    and your way with style.

    Following you now! Best wishes xo

    love amy ^.^

  7. beautiful photos of your glorious day lades! i loved seeing you with your fams, you all look so much alike. it's awesome! gosh i cannot wait for spring to arrive and crave the california lifestyle. it's a dream for sure.

    pea ess: i just have to say i LOVE your blog and it really reminds me of another one, Tavi's, when she was starting out. you've got the style and craftiness going on, everything here is totally ace! great job. ♥

  8. You are so adorable!! (& so is your little brother.) That periwinkle blue color looks amazing on you. These pictures are altogether lovely! I wanna go to the beach.


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