Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shoes + Lip Balm

I made another pair of house shoes! These turned out almost perfect. They are a tad too big for me. :( I got the denim/velvet skirt from the thrift store, and I forgot to take a picture until after I had already cut the fabric up. If anyone is interested in them, they are 9.5 in. from heel to toe and 3.25 in. at the widest point. E-mail me at sunnie_fairy(at)yahoo(dot)com if you want them. I will sell them for $15 plus shipping. I still have some of the fabric left, so I'm going to make them again, but smaller. I'm on the hunt for the perfect rubber soles. I like using leather, but I want something more water proof.

I made lip balm! I'm really proud of myself- it's something I've been wanting to do for a couple of months now. I'm going to hand them out to my friends for valentine's day.

I made them on Sunday while watching the football games. It was a simple but tedious process- I had to hand pour the melted mix into each of those tiny twist-tubes. I got the mix from thesage.com and added my own flavor oil and coloring.

All I need to do now is design some cool labels...

I have 2 more restyles to share with you tomorrow. I'm super excited!
How are you doing with your restyling?


  1. Those shoes are brilliant! Do you have instructions or a tutorial? I fancy having a go with some leftover denim I've got... :)

  2. Lip balm? Genius!! I have a restyle I'm hoping to do some photos of today. Trouble is it's more of a summer style. so I'm trying to work out how to wear it to college (so I can get someone to take photos)without looking like a nutcase because it's the middle of winter here...hmmm.
    I love how these shoes are developing each time you make a pair.
    They're brilliant!

  3. I love your creativity! I've wondered about making cosmetics, congrats on your success! Thanks for the wonderful comments!!

  4. Holy cow! You made your own lip balm! That's ingenious! I never thought to do that. What scent/flavor did you use?

  5. Hiya, Thanks for the link to the pattern - in that shop I also found similar shoes for Felix - fantastic!

  6. wow! i love the shoes so cute! what a great idea

  7. Your lip balms are wonderful. I have been considering making some balm lately. Have you read the latest ReadyMade? The last section of the mag talks all about oils and natural ingredients for perfumes and balms. So neat. Check it out!

  8. I make a lot of my own beauty & bath stuff already, and I've been really wanting to try my hand at lip balm. I'll have to check out this recipe. Your little tubes are way too cute!!


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