Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I love

Bagels and cream cheese.

The perfect lipstick.
Elf Lipstick in Seductive.

Little kid's basketball games that go into triple overtime and cause you to almost have a heart attack.

Giving handmade.
(You can see the wooden mountain stacker from imagination kids in the corner.)

Playing Cranium.

Hair buns and dorky brothers. (I just realized that my hair looks like 4 different colors in this photo... weird.)

I also love the I also love the iPhone app Hipstamatic, which I took all these photos with.


  1. the hipstamatic always takes such cute photos - the only thing that really truely draws me to the iphone!

    I am also currently addicted to bagels and cream cheese! so yummm!

  2. such cute pictures...I love finding the perfect lipstick too :)
    Cute blog!

  3. This morning I made an egg samich bagel with a slice of provolone cheese and lots of spinach on-top. I bit into it and realized the somewhat-healthy was not the way to go. I broke out the cream cheese and gave it a good slather :) Nothing beats a bagel and cream cheese. Nothing.

    Hair buns are cool too :)

  4. hair buns are where its at :)


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