Friday, January 7, 2011

I have too many works-in-progress!

I have a goal to try and finish up all of my works-in-progress in the next 2 months. After they are all finished, I have a fun blog series that I will start. Can't wait.
My first project is this scarf. I started it about a month and half ago. It's made out of variegated pink acrylic yarn and I started it to have something to knit while watching movies. I obviously haven't watched very many movies.

This is a project I started for my dad about a week ago. It's a crocheted beanie made out of malabrigo. LOVE that yarn. it's so super soft.

This is a project that I started and finished in a day, so it doesn't really belong in this post, but oh well. It's a pair of leggings made out of an XXXL t-shirt. :)

I will try to post weekly about my progress with the WIPs. I have a gigantic box overflowing with projects, so this might take a while. Hopefully less than 2 months.


  1. That's a pretty scarf. I also started a scarf last month. I was in the winter mood and started it before Christmas, but I have stopped working on it.

  2. oh... thats pretty awesome
    i love your craft and blog btw..

  3. I love work in progress (of course it's even better when finished, but still!) - I've got so many crafty plans have yet to start on them. Good luck with your projects!

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