Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More shoes and necklaces

I've made more necklaces! This time, they feature cute vintage illustrations.
My personal favorite is the fox one...

If you are interested, they will be in the shop soon!

Here are two more pairs of shoes that I made. The pair on the left I finished yesterday, and the pair on the right is the first pair I made (even before the corduroy ones).

I got the fabric for these in the remnant bin at Joann's. They fit good, but the heel is not high enough and slips off all the time. I still haven't perfected the design, but the next pair, I think I will hit the nail on the head.

Ah, the first pair I made. A little tight, not lined, and the heel slips off, too.
But I think that yellow floral print makes up for it. I found the fabric at a yard sale for $0.50!

I also put some leather on the bottom of this pair, and so far, it's held up really well! These shoes are like a flat/moccasin combination. I think I'm going to put leather on the other two.

Happy Tuesday! :) I'm off to go read blogs and eat some popcorn.


  1. I love those necklaces,and shoes.. so cute.

  2. So creative! How old are you again?
    You shall accomplish great things, I think...
    Janette, The Jongleur

  3. cute necklaces and shoes, you're so creative!

  4. Did you know your slippers have been featured as one of the week's favourites restyles over on A Beautiful Mess.....;)

  5. I really like the owl one too! :)

    The leather idea is awesome! I know nothing about shoe making but I've been really tempted to buy a Japanese craft book on them. They just look so cozy and super useful!

  6. i love love love the fox and the owl ... too cute!

  7. Will you PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE show us how to make these!? Tutorial!!!

  8. That fox necklace is perfect! I want itttttt!

    And also just checked out your shop. So cute.

    You're super cute.


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