Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrifting finds on a Sunday...

...instead of the normal "Thrifty Thursday."
The reason? Because I just haven't had time to post until right now.
Also, to those of you who were interested in the necklaces I posted about a week ago- they are finally available in the shop!

When I went thrift store shopping, I found 2 skirts for myself, and a bunch of items for making shoes/leggings. :)
This skirt is vintage, and it's fabulous. It was $0.75! I wore it last week, but I forgot to take pictures. :(

This pencil skirt isn't vintage, but it's made out of a nice linen-like fabric and looks great with a belt. And it fits me perfectly!

I'm going to use the items above to make shoes. I've worn my other pairs a lot and they are so comfortable! I need more.
The leather skirt is made out of a thick, black suede and I am going to use it for soles. Although it might look good as an upper, too.
I'm not sure how the fake velvet will work, but it was really cheap, so I'll see how it goes.

To make up for the terrible photos above (it's raining and I had to take them indoors with flash), here's a pretty photo of my favorite snack: dried cranberries. Besides not being able to take photos outside, I love the rain. :)


  1. Great Finds, I found nothing today:(

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog Ms. Fairy! I like your thrift finds...Although I would like to see more of those polyester "velvet" pants... That just sounds super interesting! I love that linen pencil skirt too.. It's nice! I have a blazer that would go perfect with that...

  3. Wow, your shoes are really evolving. Can't wait to see the next creation!


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