Thursday, January 6, 2011

(Late) Thrifty Thursday

Top to Bottom:
  1. Large Corduroy Dress- to be ReStyled. $0.99
  2. Long Cotton Skirt- to be ReStyled $2.00
  3. Long Red/Blue Skirt- Needs to be hemmed $0.99
  4. Ann Taylor Loft Paper Bag Skirt- Needs to be taken in $0.99
Clockwise, starting top left corner:
  1. Mossimo black t shirt- awesome fit. I love it. $0.99
  2. Plaid Rainbow Button Up- Going to chop off the long sleeves to make it short sleeved. $2.00
  3. Ann Taylor Loft Cardigan- Super soft, going to take it in. $3.79
  4. Checkered Black/White Button Up- Perfect as is. $1.79
My outfit for today. The top was thrifted, skirt and boots new, and the socks are from walmart (christmas gift).

Thanks for reading. :) You rock.


  1. Great haul! Love the rainbow plaid and the rust coloured corduroy.

  2. The outfit is awesome. Love the boots!!

  3. Plaid Rainbow Button Up

    this looks so good, please please wear this after you have chopped off the sleeves, would love to see it, love the colours!

  4. Yay for ReStyling!! It's so fun. I finished my first one yesterday, I'll put it up soon :) Cute outfit!!

  5. Well, aren't you cute!
    Trying to learn how to hem up things now, so I can start buying cute things that are just a little off!


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