Sunday, September 14, 2008

Embroidery! It's so fun... :]

I went shopping yesterday and bought all the essentials for embroidery- a hoop, floss, and fabric.
Embroidery- Chain Stitch Flower In Progress
I got the brown fabric above from the discount bin. I was hoping for white, but they only had brown. I have used it for two projects so far. A flower that will be framed (in progress, above) and a pincushion for my mom, below...
Embroidered-Flower Pincushion

Here's the embroidery floss I bought:
Embroidery Floss

Here's the hoop I bought:
Embroidery Hoop

When I got back home from shopping, my dad searched the garage and dug out some more embroidery floss that was hidden away! So needless to say, I've got enough floss for a while... at least I think I do... I absolutely love embroidering! Here's the floss my dad found:
Embroidery Floss

I've got lots of purple, which is good, because purple is my fave color:
Purple embroidery floss

I also got some more yarn and 2 more crochet hooks! hallelujah!
Red Heart Light Brown YarnCrochet Hooks

My current projects right now consist of:
  • Swatch Scarf: Swatch Scarf
  • The embroidered yellow-and-blue flower at the top.
  • A Crochet Hat:Crochet Hat In-Process Close-upCrochet Hat In-Process
  • Hippopotamus- I have not even started yet, but I plan to cast-on soon.
  • A Granny Square a day! With my squares, I plan to make a bag... I have 2 so far:
    Close-up Granny Square #2Granny Square #2 I got the idea from Pink Petal Designs!
  • I also plan to embroider this!
Here's a funny video I saw over at Cotton and Cloud! made me smile :]


  1. I can't wait to see all of your finished projects. You are so ambitious with your things. I am lucky if I get one painting done a week. ha ha

  2. I always get excited when I get new supplies, it's like getting a new toy to play with. Looking at your new tools makes me look forward to seeing your finished work.

  3. :o) I always have so many unfinished projects on the go
    Looks cute and fun! and I love purple too - looking forward to seeing what you do with it

  4. Nice banner on your blog! You do look like you're having fun with your new tools. The brown fabric is really classy. Such a good job with the crochet as well!

  5. Aww what fun! :) I love those colors, and embroidered images! So inspiring!

  6. Aww what fun! :) I love those colors, and embroidered images! So inspiring!

  7. Fiona@Dragonfly-Crafts9/16/2008 3:34 PM

    Oh my Gosh! That embroidery looks so tiny..... Just perfect.

  8. Fun fun fun! You are such a busy crafter. A very nice embroidery selections and I love the pin cushion. It is very sweet. Can't wait to see the crochet bag. ;D

  9. Buying supplies is half the fun! Great job on the embroidery (and I like the brown fabric!)...interesting technique! My aunt fouind a big plastic box full of embroidery floss for a DIME somewhere. So after scouring the floss aisle for all of the essential colors, I have gobs to choose from!

    Did you get started on that hippo yet?

  10. You'll have a lot of colors of floss to choose from! : )

  11. Embroidery is addictive, isn't it!? I think the colors you selected look beautiful against the brown. They really pop! Brown + purple = beautiful :)


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