Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day of Fall

yay, my favorite season is officially here! But in southern California, It's not so evident. It's estimated to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit in about a week, so I am enjoying the "cold" while it lasts.

I bought these adorable sandals at mervyn's. On sale, too! I'm lucky, aren't I? ;]
Cute Sandals

Right now I am in the process of organizing. I was inspired by Wee Wonderfuls. isn't she just a crafting and organizing wizard? Anyway, as I was saying, I am organizing. That means throwing away, relocating stuff, cleaning, etc. so wish me luck, won't you?

Today I discovered a new kind of craft- 3D paper models! Some are so intricate, some are cute, and they all require a lot of patience. here's a great website related to paper models: Paperkraft
Here's some of the different kinds of models:
Really Cool 3D paper models
The one I want to make: http://paperinside.com/2008/09/10/park-heroes-superman/
Also check out this: way to cool... and kind of funny! (this guy has a lot of time on his hands!)

I want to buy an amigurumi book... any suggestions?

I finished my crochet hat! and I have kept up with my granny square goal, so I have a lot of squares in a pile. I also made some more paper. I used some food coloring to try and make it blue, but it didn't work. Maybe blue is too light a color. I'll try a little bit of red next and see how that turns out. I also tried to add a "smell" to it by adding some leaves from a blueberry white tea bag. That kinda sorta worked.

*If you're wondering why there are no pictures of the finished hat, my pile of g. squares, or my "blue, smelly" paper, Here's the answer: by the time I got around to this post and realized I probably should put more pictures, it was already WAY to dark. so there. maybe I'll add pictures tomorrow if I have time.*


  1. wow those paper crafts are cool! ;)

  2. I wish I could crochet- I am too impatient!

  3. I used to make paper. I tried it one time. I got all the stuff and made a BUNCH of paper and never did it again. It just takes up alot of space and time also it is very messy (at least the way I did it, it was).

  4. Wall-E is awesome! My daughters ♥ Wall-E! How do they make these??? Are they kits?

    I have two amigurumi books so far...
    This one I bought at Jo-Ann with my 40% off coupon, making it less than $8. I really like it, pretty simple and cute:

    This one I bought over the weekend and there are GREAT stuff in it, but I am going to have to learn a few new stitches first:

    I bought this last one at B&N and chose it above the other ones they had. BUT I will probably buy them (Amigurumi World, Tiny Yarn Animals, and Creepy Cute Crochet) eventually ☺

  5. Those paper crafts are fantastic!
    Good luck with the organising! xo

  6. It is my experience that food coloring doesn't help with coloring homade paper. It just colors the water and when the paper dries, the color is gone. What I do is put some construction paper or something colored in the paper sludge and that tints the paper. I also want to try putting acrylic paint in. I know that is an opaque pigment, so maybe it will work?

  7. great idea! thanks for the tip, Laura!

  8. I like the paper monsters! Cute!

  9. I love working with paper too, so many possibilities :) As you are prepairing with sandles, I've just looked out my hats and scarves, the time is nigh!

  10. Hey,sorry I didn't reply sooner!

    I can't join a group blog at the moment. I'm a little busy these days to keep up with any "groupie" projects. Thank you for inviting me, though! ^_^

  11. I've never been able to wear the between the toes type sandals, though I know they are really popular. Fall is here, used to be my favorite season; but as I've gotten older I hate to see summer come to an end.

    The paper crafts are really awesome! They look intricate. Sounds like you've been very busy.

    I'm not sure I understand the open ID vs Google etc. so know which togle to select in the drop down box once I finish this post. So, am going try open ID and see what happens.

    Thanks so much for your visits and kind words. Please come often, visitors are always fun.

    Have a fabulous week

  12. Ok...I see if I select open ID I have the option to type in my blogger url which then shows up in a link so now using google to see what the difference is.

    Testing 123

  13. Hum...is one better than another? One has my name (google) and takes you to my ID page, the other posts 4ccccs and takes you to my blog???



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