Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Craft Stuff on Vacation

First of all, I'm sorry I don't have more pictures, they all came out blurry! Oh well. Don't worry about spilled milk, right? :]

While driving to Disneyland, I took a picture (see above) of the seat next to me. Yeah, that's all mine, and I have another bag full of yarn. (I know, I'm crazy. Just how much projects do I think I'm going to do on this vacation?!?)

So that's all the pictures that I have, but I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow. When we got to Disneyland, we decided that today we would spend all our time in California Adventures, and tomorrow we will go to Disneyland. We rode lots of rides, and my mom rode California Screamin' for the first time- I have never ridden it - I'm a chicken ;] but I have ridden Space Mountain, and I like it.
What's your favorite Disneyland ride? I'll write more tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Ooh, what a fun trip! I'm jealous, ha ha. I'd love to go to a theme park sometime soon. My favorite Disney ride is Space Mountain. I've never been to Disneyland, though, because I live 2 hours away from Disney World. I wonder if the ride is different in each park... :)

  2. Oh my goodness! INDIANA JONES! ALL THE WAY! And Pirates as a close second! :D You lucky girl! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Have fun crafting on vacation! Growing up in Florida, I was a Disney World girl. Nothing beats the Haunted Mansion. Nothing has changed on that ride in over 20 years :)

  4. favorite ride is splash mountain and space mountain!

  5. hahahha, i would totally take all my yarn too lol


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