Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm never going back to Red Heart Yarn

Simply Soft Yarn- PurpleSimply Soft Yarn- OrangeSimply Soft Yarn- Greens

I will declare it to the world! I love Caron simply soft! It's so much better than Red Heart Super Saver, and it's a little cheaper, too! The colors are amazing and it is soft! What do you think? do you prefer Red Heart? if so, why? :]

On a sadder note, I have decided to frog the hippo (LOL- that sounds funny)
It is really big, and it was getting boring. amigurumi are supposed to be fun!
I started another amigurumi, though. Another mermaid for one of my neighbors. Its tail is made of the darker green you see above, and the hair is much longer.

I finished my crochet hat! It was really fast to make, as I used two strands of yarn and a size K (10 1/2 mm) hook. Here's a picture:

Crochet Hat- Brown

It's my entry for bunzi's fall giveaway :]

I made eleven granny squares, and now I am sick and tired of making squares. However, I have no idea what I am going to do with eleven squares... it's not enough for a bag and there's no way
it's enough for a blanket! So any ideas?

I also added the "Followers" widget to my right sidebar, so go on and add yourself! Please? ;]

This week I am on vacation and my family plans to go the beach and Disneyland. I will take lots of pictures so I have material for a good, long post when we get back!


  1. your hat is fantastic! it looks so warm and I love the fall colors in that picture.

  2. So cute!! I can't wait to get to making scarfs!! ;D Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The yarn looks really good. I have never seen it in the UK.
    Frogging the hippo!!! that is really funny. ;D Oh, well.. I agree. Amigurumi should be fun to do . Have a great time at the beach and Disneyland. I am so jealous! Lovely cap by the way. :D

  4. I love that will be perfect for this fall!!!

  5. yeah i personally think red heart sucks and i wont buy it. i will buy any lion brand product (which vannas choice isnt TOO soft but they colors are very good and its not expensive) and i also like "i love this yarn" it's ok and you get a lot.......some amigurumi can start to get on your nerves lol i think they bigger they get the more bored with it you get. cute hat too :D (sorry my post was long)

  6. very nice hat! you should save the squares just in case you decide to make more. ;)

  7. Walmart is clearancing out a lot of the Caron Simply Soft. I bought some really pretty sea-foam green that I am making a scarflet out of. Can't wait to get it done and post some pics :-)

  8. The only gripe I have about Simply Soft is that the finished product gets little pills or snags after a lot of use and washing. For things that will get rough use I'll use a Lion Brand like WoolEase or Red Heart. Simply Soft is great for decorations and accessories though :) Enjoy your vacation!

  9. Hmm...11 squares...what can you do with 11 squares.... a cute lil placemat or pot holder?
    I reall love the green yarn pic you got up!


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