Tuesday, September 2, 2008

me promises a post tommorrow!

I'm so proud of myself! I have done so many "little" changes to my blog... including adding a sidebar!!! Yay! that's all for now... gotta sleep!!!
P.S. the socks are coming a long great... (oh yeah did I tell you? my first pair-ever! that i knit! :])
P.S.S. please tell me if my blog looks crazy with two sidebars... I need feedback! tell me anything! like, weird colors, or something! to make my blog better... :] thanx!


  1. I think this looks good with two sidebars. The middle column could be a little wider though :P

  2. Your blog looks great!! I love it when blogs have two sidebars! :) And congrats on your socks!!

  3. I really like it with two sidebars...it gives me lots to look at.
    Thank you for putting me on your blogroll!!
    I can't wait to see the socks!!!


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