Thursday, September 11, 2008


I finished my socks! before I try to explain how I made them, take a look at these pictures:

Knitted Socks

Sock Heel B&WSocks B&W

Sock on my foot

Close-up of sock
Not your typical knitted sock. No siree! I didn't follow the instructions for the gusset! After turning the heel, I just picked up stitches along the heel flap(then I had 36 sts.), decreased, and started some ribbing with 18 stitches on the needles. Yeah, they were some intense decreases. But it fits me like a- well, a glove... kinda funny, because that's what it is, essentially... a glove for my feet! I know some people like a more tighter sock fabric, but I really don't have much patience at all, so I had to make these a quick knit. and they were quick, were they not? I knit them in 5 days or so. So overall, I think they turned out okay, I mean they're not exactly a feast for the eyes, but they fit almost perfectly! :]

After looking at all the adorable embroidering some of you folks do, I have decided to give it a try. Do you have any web sites that could be of help to me? I'd appreciate any help. Also, what kind of thread and fabric do you recommend for a beginner?

Okay, I've saved the worst for last. I'm afraid I've lost my crochet hook! I can't find it! Looks like I'm going to have to buy another one (or two!) I have always had a knack for forgetting things, losing things, or dropping things. I'm just that way. I'm also the world's worst searcher. The thing can be right in front of me, and I won't be able to find it! Oh well, it's gotta be around here somewhere! Unless I forgot it at the cafe...

Oh yeah, I've decided to make the hippo... once I find my crochet hook... ;]


  1. Those look so comfortable!!

  2. Nice, cute, comfy socks in time for winter! My knitting skills (thus far) consist of only the knit stitch. One of these days I will teach myself to purl ;-) There is a great book out there called "Knit a Square, Make a Toy", but it is out of print and goes for about $80 on ebay! I would ♥ to have it someday.

    As for embroidery, it is quite easy (compared to the yarn arts). Go to and find some AWESOME patterns (and some how-to). I have done the Black Apple series, and it is pretty quick and fun. I have some pics on them on my blog( I think it is easiest to embroider on canvas or a medium weight, non-stretchy fabric. If you are choosing your own colors, I don't think it matters much what floss brand you use. HOWEVER, my mom does cross-stitch, and in the instructions that is pretty specific on what brand and color# to use. I find embroidery is a lot more laid-back than cross-stitch (and sooo much faster!). You can even go to Jo-Ann/Hobby Lobby, etc and find some cute iron-on patterns from Aunt Martha brand for around $1-2. As for some of the stitches, there are some great video tutorials...check these out

    Wow...I apologize for the long post. I accidentally blogged on YOUR blog. LOL

  3. A great website for embroidery is - they have a flickr group, too. And great work on your socks! : )

  4. Those socks look so soft and comfortable!!!!!!! Also I love your background with the sweet Octopus in the grass, very cool and super CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~Hugs~ Lauren

  5. Thank for your cute comments! I like your stuff and these socks look so comfortable! =)

  6. They look warm and comfortable, one of the things on my I need to learn list is socks.

    How did you get the cute little interesting, funny buttons at the end of your blog post?

    Doing some blog walking today and found my way here. Have a good rest of the wkend. Welcome mats always out, please stop in for a visit.


  7. Sweet socks! I like my socks just fitted so when I knit one for myself, I always knit a little tighter.
    I am no good at embroidery so I don't know where you can get some resource, but this japanese embroidery book looks nice (to me it looks far too difficult!!)

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  8. Woo hoo! Socks rock! I hope you knit more socks, it is so much fun, and there are a lot of great sock yarns to try.


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